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Tim & Maurice



‘De Werkplaats’ originated when two best friends decided to join their forces and their passion. In their own personal training studio they share their knowledge on sports and nutrition with you.

The men behind ‘De Werkplaats’ are Tim & Maurice. “Our ambition is to help you to attain your goals. Just like the name ‘De Werkplaats’ already suggests, our studio is a place where we all work very hard. However, we believe it is important to combine hard work with lots of fun, because that is the best way to change your life style in the long term.”

Nutrition Expert


Over 15 years I worked as a chef in various renowned restaurants. My passion for cooking made me go into nutrition even deeper, because how can you transform someone’s body even faster and better?! That’s right: by means of a well-balanced diet! As for myself, I eat in a well-balanced and varied way and by creating a healthy diet for myself and also for my customers I have achieved amazing results.

Ever since I was young, sports have been the silver thread throughout my life. I have practiced many different types of sports, among which judo, fencing, tennis and basketball. At a later stage I came into contact with fitness and from that moment on I was hooked! Each training made me stronger and fitter. My friends noticed as well and before I knew it, I was coaching them and it made me realize that this is what I wanted to do: helping people!

Multiple champion CrossFit


Ever since I was very young, I loved doing sports. My passion for sports also determined my decision to enroll in a sports training program. For me that was the perfect way to gather more knowledge in all difference sports disciplines, but also to pave my way to top-class sports.

Whenever I practice sports I give my all and I will do my utmost to excel. Whether it was in football, where I could represent the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB), or when I started boxing and worked my way up to the highest class. Winning the club championship at my tennis club. All summed up I always go the full 100%. The last few years I have found my passion in CrossFit. In the meantime I have already won two tournaments in CrossFit, which has enabled me to participate at top level competitions.

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