Training outside in Scheveningen

The most stunning location

The Outdoor Playground

Since the 18th of May it’s possible again to join our trainings. Join your favorite trainers in the various training options we provide. Of course, our amazing sea view is complimentary!

What is De Buitenspeelplaats?

De Buitenspeelplaats (Dutch for ‘Outside Playground’) is a functional training area, created at the outside terrace of personal training studio De Werkplaats. Here you can follow our guided personal and group trainings, using the free spaces and Functional Rig. Because of our remarkable location on the Pier of Scheveningen, a training at De Buitenspeelplaats is always outside with an amazing view over sea!

Personal Training and Personal Group Training

De Buitenspeelplaats is only open for Personal Training and Personal Group Training. At this very moment it is, due to restrictions, not yet possible to use the area without guidance.

Guided Training during Covid-19

Your health and safety has always been a priority for us, and so it is during these times. We operate according to a approved protocol to maintain minimal contact of surfaces and keep social distancing a priority. We have outlined walking routes, have desinfecting procedures in place and remain our distance to eachother. The Personal Group Training is with a maximum of 6 persons.

Curious to join one of our trainings? Subscribe for one of our trainings, or contact us for a free trial training. Please note that it is not possible yet to use the facilities of De Buitenspeelplaats without our guidance.




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